Christopher Frandrup, M.D.

My name is Dr. Christopher Frandrup.

I am a retired USAF officer, pilot, father, business owner and physician. Why am I doing this?

You may ask yourself why a physician is in the affiliate marketing business.   I have had success in my military career and as a physician but running a practice is getting harder and harder.   If you have ever been to a doctor, you have seen the outrageous bills, but what you may not realize is the high costs of running a practice.   I literally have to collect $100,000/month just to keep my office running.  That is without me getting paid.  As costs keep going up and payments get smaller I was looking to trim some expenses.   I was paying nearly $10,000/month on an advertising firm and ads on google and facebook.  Now, I know nearly nothing about online advertising, but as a retired Air Force officer and skilled physician, I know I can learn!

I dove into learning about SEO, ad campaigns, keyword research, bot traffic, etc.   What I learned shocked me and at some point I stumbled across affiliate marketing.   I have run businesses, chaired hospital departments, performed trauma evacuations in combat zones, but had never seen anything like this before.  I was intrigued.  Could there be an entire market out there that taps into the billions of people online and does not require a costly office with tens of thousands of dollars a month in overhead?  Turns out, there is just such a market.   Having spent 24+ years in school, I know how to effectively learn a skill.  I went straight to the masters in this business and first studied them, then worked directly with them.   To become a great physician, you spend years training under other great physicians, this is not much different.

What did I discover?

It turned out that there is a lot of terrible traffic out there.   I knew I was spending tens of thousands per month on facebook and google ads without much return on my investment.  Sure there was enough to convince me to keep spending the money, but it was nowhere near enough for me to be pleased with my investment, but I was not driving traffic.  I then learned about bot traffic and how I was contributing to these bad actors who were creating the bots.  Sure, I was paying for clicks on facebook, but they weren’t even real people!  Since then, I revamped our strategy and was able to drive traffic to the practice and fire our marketing team.

I love my email list!

My patients expect a daily email from me.  I educate them and more importantly offer them new treatments, which they often take advantage of to both of our benefit.   This has made my practice more profitable and efficient.  I still use Facebook, Google, etc, but not nearly to the degree I use my email list.  I love engaging with my email list and getting feedback from them.   I have seen my business grow through my email list.

Though, I made a mistake!

I had reverse engineered online marketing to work for my practice.   I went through all of the effort to adapt proven strategies for online and affiliate marketing to work for a brick and mortar medical practice.    I took something that generated billions of revenue for online marketers and somehow made it work in the medical space.  Then it dawned on me, why am I forcing a round peg into a square hole.   If this works for millions of people online, why re-create the wheel.   To make a long story short, that is why I am here.

Lack of traffic is the #1 reason for not making money online.

For almost all affiliates who never make a dime online, the lack of traffic is the #1 reason why they fail.   I learned this the hard way and I am sharing my journey learning how to successfully navigate this journey.  I welcome you on board!

CJ Frandrup, M.D.